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I am not a metallurgist, I am an enthusiast having fun with cables.  This is the best explanation that I've been told.  In layman's terms it would be the opposite of heat treating.  The process alters the molecular structure of the metals/wires/cables  and allows the current/signal to flow more smoothly, evenly with less resistance.  Resulting in some amazing changes in high end electronics.

What is the process?
The total process takes 72 hours, you have a 24 hour cooling down period dropping the temperature gradually until finally reaching -320 degrees.  The temperature is held there for 24 hours, then starts the 24 hour period of bringing it back to room temperature.  The 24 hour cooling/warming period is to reduce damage from expansion/contract.

What is the end result?
The most important factor or variable would be the quality of your piece of electronics, the higher the quality the greater the change.  In audio you will first hear a noticeable difference in the bass, it will be lower and more pronounced.  Then you will realize that your noticing things you hadn't heard before.  The mids and highs are more vivid, you'll notice better clarity and imaging.  The overall sound stage is larger, more defined with greater depth.  In a video application the differences are more subtle.  I'm finding that the purists notice the most difference.  A 60Hz TV will show little to no difference.  A 120Hz TV will show a difference but might not be noticed by the average enthusiast.  But a 240Hz TV or high end projector will show a definite change.  Sharper image, smoother motion, brighter colors, greater depth, and in a 3D application you become part of the movie.  Again, the higher the quality, the greater the change.

What is it you want to accomplish?  Better picture, brighter colors, sharper image, better sound, stronger bass, larger sound stage, greater depth,  enhanced vocals, more defined imaging...All of the above???  Take a look around the site, check out the reviews, ask us as many questions as you like.  We want to assist you with your system.  You might be surprised with what our products can do.

All items shown throughout the website have been run through the Cryogenic Treatment Process.

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For starters let's get acquainted, My name is Rick, the  entire company consists of my son Brodie and myself, and the occasional help from a family member.  I have worked with designers and builders of some of the finest equipment available.  My line is based on their suggestions and recommendations, yet keeping the final cost affordable.  I use the best parts/pieces I can find, send them through cryo then offer them to you.  Brodie is the one who builds all of the cables.  Please direct your construction comments or compliments towards him.  I'm just the guy that buys everything and handles all of the paperwork.  We are both equally involved as far as enthusiasts and our interests in the end result.  If you have a question on any subject or just want to talk about our hobby, feel free to contact me. 

Thanks-Rick & Brodie

When our company was in it early stage we would buy materials/supplies from whomever we felt was a good company and offered a good product.  Over the years we have refined our resources and have built strong working relationships with our suppliers.  We now have a standardized product line but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped looking at new and different resources.  We continue searching, reading, learning and educating ourselves on metals, cryogenics and end results.  We started this company as a hobby, or something to play with.  It has turned into a viable ongoing business while we experience positive growth on a global level.  We thank each and every one of you who have helped us get to where we are now.

Rick and Brodie

Another successful year has past and we're into 2018, thanks to all of "YOU"
2017 was our best year to date, we continue to be amazed at the success we're enjoying.  Our reputation continues to show positive growth and it's all because of "YOU", our customers.   We've sold well over 2000 cables globally since 2013 with a 99% success rate. why only 99%, simply because you can't make 100% of the people happy.  We are "NOT" a Smoke-N-Mirrors Company.  We simply try to offer a quality product "THAT WORKS" at a fair price.  This includes our "No Questions Asked" return policy on completed cables only, you simply pay the freight to return the cable to us.  DIY products are non-refundable.  Thanks again to all of you who have helped us get to this point. 
We are unfortunately being forced into a price increase sometime this year simply because USPS shipping rates continue going up.  We've held out as long as we possibly can.

We are currently researching interconnects, Speaker Cables and USB A-B Cables.  Our R & D work takes quite some time to complete.  First we need to find what we believe will meet our quality standards, then we purchase it, run it through Cryo, then install it in multiple systems and allow ample burn in time before we can make a final decision.  We are "NOT" going to introduce a  new product unless we are confident it will meet the level of quality that our current product line offers.  We are working on it, please be patient.

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