Ice Age Audio, Cryo Treated High End Audiophile and Videophile Cords and Cables for your Home Theater or Listening System, including Cryo Treated HDMI Cables.  Vacuum Tube, Solid State, LED, LCD, Smart TV, 3D, Projector, Stereo, Surround Sound, DTS, 5.1 sound, 6.1 sound, 7.1 sound, Blu-Ray, Power Conditioner, Shunyata, Panamax, Pyle, Furatech, SACD, HDCD, Sonarquest, Silver Plated Copper, SPC, Silver HDMI, Power Amp, Preamp, Pre Amp, Classe A, Power Cord, Power Cable, OPPO, McIntosh, Dynaco, UHD, SUHD, 4K, 8k, Epson, JVC, LG, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Gaming cable,

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All items shown throughout the website have been run through the Cryogenic Treatment Process.

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hospital grade  power cords

Now available in 14 and 16 Gauge, in both 6 and 10 foot lengths

This is the cable that started it all for me.  I bought 1 to try it, then bought 5 more.  This cable will show enhanced performance in any audio or video application, or any piece that requires a C13 power cord.  I have used this cable on my TV's, Projector, Computer, Monitor, Amp and Preamp and I wouldn't hesitate to install it in any piece of electronics.  It is a great economical upgrade.

Copper/Silver Cable Length Options
Silver/Silver Cable Length Options

custom c13 iec power cords

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custom c7 power cords

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The Ultimate TV or projector cable

There are 2 different cable designs here, 1 copper and 1 Silver.  Both cables are constructed from a Cryo Treated 12 gauge Silver or Copper cable.  The copper cable has a premium Male Copper plug with a Silver C13 IEC plug.  The other is a Silver cable with a premium Silver Male plug and the Silver C13 IEC.  These cables literally optimize the performance in any Video application.  Brightness, Color, Sharpness, Depth or 3D, all aspects are greatly enhanced.  We are adding a right angle IEC shortly.

the ultimate c7 cable

This cable is constructed from our 12 gauge Cryo Treated Silver Plated Copper, Teflon Coated and Shielded cable.  The C7 and the Male plug are both Rhodium.  The only down side is the size of the C7.  The housing is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.  You won't find a higher quality C7 cable out there.

We are offering both the Square/Round and the Round/Round or Figure 8 C7 style cords.  These are 18 gauge thermoformed cables coming in a 6ft length only.  they have been Cryo Treated and do offer an improved level of performance in all applications.  TV's, CD Players, DVD and Blu-Ray Players, Cable boxes or any other item that takes a C7 cord.

All of my HDMI Cables are of the same quality even though they have different appearances. They are all 99.9% Pure Oxygen Free Copper, then run through the Cryo Treatment Process, resulting in an amazing cable.  These cables will show a brighter picture, greater depth in 3D, sharper resolution and in most cases make it seem as if you've got a new TV.  Yes they are 4k compatible, I'm using them on my 65" Samsung SUHD 3D TV and they do a wonderful job

c7 power cords

Ice Age Audio Cryo Treated Hdmi Cables

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Enhancing your Listening and Visual Experience

All Things Cryo'd

We are venturing off into what we feel is an untapped Market.

Everyone owns a flat screen TV these days, and a Home Theater is much more common place than ever before.  With that being said, most people are guilty of using the basic stock cables supplied by the manufacturerIf you've spent $1000.00's on your Home Theater it only makes sense that you want it to work to it's maximum capability.  We have researched and tested all of our products within our own Home Theater(s) and have found that we can drastically improve the performance with a small to moderate investment, depending on your level of Video Equipment  Our Power Cords definitely out perform anybody's stock cables.  Our HDMI's are very reasonable compared to the major name brands, and will out perform them as well.  Just like with our Audio Cables, you need a reasonable level of quality to begin with in order to see a difference.  You can't take a 60Hz 720p TV and expect to see a difference.  You need a minimum of 120Hz and a 1080p to see the difference, anything above that the difference/performance only becomes greater.