We have the ability to build this cable in most options, but we are tied to 12 Gauge Copper or if preferred, 10 or 12 Gauge Silver.  The limit is created from the opening on the UK Male plug itself, it will not accept a 10 Gauge Copper wire, it simply won't fit.  Also, we only have the Gold Plated Copper Male UK option, beyond that we can build any Wire and IEC combination you might want, simply ask us.

Gold/Copper UK Plastic Body
Color Options
Gold/Rhodium UK Plastic Body
Color Options
Gold/Silver UK Plastic Body
Color Options

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The pricing shown is for cables built with 12 Gauge Copper wire, Gold Plated Copper UK Male and a 15 Amp C-13 IEC.  The options listed are for the IEC, being Copper, Silver or Rhodium.

UK Cables

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This is a limited category due to limited UK Male plug availability and we apologize for that.  We wish we could offer more. If anyone out there could recommend a reliable resource we would love to expand the line.