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We are taking a "back to basics" approach with our Speaker Cables and Interconnects.  It's a very simple concept, High Purity Oxygen Free Copper with High Quality Connections along with our proven Cryogenic Treatment Process.  You won't see us using some glamorous description along with some obscure wiring configuration, it's not who we are.  It has taken us a long time to find the right wire and connection combination that met the standard we were looking for and we're hoping it meets with your approval.


Speaker Cables and Interconnects require a  4 day turnaround time beacuse they are very labor intensive to produce.  Thank you in advance for your patience

We've sent a few prototypes out to some of our ongoing clients to get their opinion, this was our first response.

Kurt from Santa Fe had this to say...

Ice Age Audio new RCA Interconnects are made of high quality materials.

The sonic signature is natural and organic across the full frequency spectrum.  

What these interconnects do is let the music shine without any artificial coloration.  

Today, most brand name interconnect companies color the music and alter the sonic

signature from the original recording.  Ice Age Audio Interconnects resolve the music as it 

was originally recorded. This is the ultimate goal of audiophile purists and rare to find 

in interconnects at any price point.

All items on our website have been run through our Cryo Treatment Process

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