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We are now offering this cable with a C-19 20 Amp IEC along with our C-13 15 Amp IEC.  We have the assorted Plug Bodies also available, check the drop down windows for selection. It is also available in International Plug styles, please check our other categories.

This cable works exceptionally well in certain applications.  As with any cable application, it's all about your personal preference.  This cable offers extreme detail in both Audio and Video applications, including power conditioners.  For Audio it offers brighter mids and highs with a wide sound stage, it works well in Solid State applications.  For Video it offers greater detail, brighter colors, blacker blacks, greater depth in 3D.  Items that were lost in the background now stand out.  It does an exceptional job with OPPO players or anything similar when it comes to video output.

Silver/Silver US C-7 Plastic Body
Color Options

C-7 Cables

Available in Aluminum Body and Carbon Fiber Body upon request

Silver/Silver US Plastic Body
Sleeving Color

Silver/Silver Power Cords

Silver/Silver US C-19 Plastic Body
Sleeving Color

Silver/Silver 15 Amp C-13 IEC

C-19 20 Amp IEC Cables available in both US and EU Schuko versions.  Available in Aluminum Body and Carbon Fiber Body upon request

Silver/Silver EU Schuko Plastic Body
Sleeving Color
Silver/Silver EU Schuko C-7 Plastic Body
Color Options

All Things Cryo'd

EU Schuko Silver/Silver Cables

Silver/Silver US Aluminum Body
Sleeving Color

There is No shrink tape on this style of cable simply because the cable is to small in diameter.  Shrink only goes from 3 to 1, the Plug Body is 1-1/2 inches in diameter and the wire itself is about 3/8 of an inch.  It just won't shrink that small.


20 Amp Hospital Grade  Receptacle with any purchase of 95.00 or more

While Supplies Last

Silver/Silver US Carbon Fiber Body
Sleeving Color
Silver/Silver EU Schuko Carbon Fiber Body
Sleeving Color
Silver/Silver EU Schuko Aluminum Body
Sleeving Color
Silver/Silver Schuko C-19 Plastic Body
Sleeving Color
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