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All items shown throughout the website have been run through the Cryogenic Treatment Process.

All Things Cryo'd

Silver Plug Sets
Copper Plug Sets

Ice Age Audio Cryo Treated Audiophile High End Power Cord/cables

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10 gauge SPC Choose Your Length

hospital grade receptacle

silver cable by the foot

start from the source

We're taking a Hospital Grade Receptacle, which is an upgrade to begin with, then we're Cyro Treating it.  These make subtle changes, but do make an improvement.  They are an inexpensive upgrade that completes the circuit.  I use them in my main listening system and in my main home theater, they do make a difference.  They're available in 15 and 20 amp.

silver plated copper, teflon coated and shielded

We offer this wire in 3 different gauges for assorted applications.  We offer the 10 and 12 gauge 3 conductor for Power Cables, then we have the 16 gauge in a 2 conductor for use with interconnects or speaker wire.  The Silver seems to offer the most detail and the largest sound stage.  At least that's what I experienced in my tests.

Build your own cable, and save

We are offering the same plug sets that we use when we build your cables.  If you're comfortable with the process you wind up with the same quality and product, and save yourself some money.  We'll even guide you through the process if necessary.    Choose your Cable, your Gauge, your Plug Set and reap the benefits of doing it yourself.

Plug Sets

our tested, proven and most popular cable

This cable has proven itself over and over again.  We converted many "Silver Lovers" with this cable.  We have an endless amount of positive reviews from cables built with this product.  It has a rich, full, warm sound with exceptional bass.  It shows greater depth in the sound stage than the Silver.  I use this Cable in every application I possibly can.  I LOVE IT!!!!!

copper cable by the foot

Enhancing your Listening and Visual Experience

This page is dedicated to the Do It Yourself enthusiasts.

You can purchase Any length, Any Cable, Any Plug Set or any individual item that you feel will suit your own individual needs.    If you have any questions about any of the items, feel free to contact us.  We will do our best to answer your questions and walk you through a step by step process if necessary.   To all of you who have taken advantage of this opportunity hopefully this new layout has simplified the process.  If you have any suggestions that you feel could improve this page, please let us know and we'll try to accomodate you.  Thanks for everything-Rick

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