Copper/Copper AU/NZ Plastic Body
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Copper/Copper EU Schuko Cable C-13 15 and C-19 20 Amp IEC

This is our latest version of a Carbon Fiber Bodied Cable.  Feel free to compare our cable with any other Carbon Fiber Cables on the market, don't be taken advantage of.  Why pay more if you don't have to.  You can find where the plug set alone exceeds $120.00. As a good friend of mine once said...This is one sexy cable.

20 Amp C-19 IEC Cable

We started building this cable because of all the requests for it. It's constructed from our proven 10 gauge Cryo Treated Copper Cable and our premium Copper male plug. We made the decision to use the Copper C19 plug as we felt it would give us the best performance, and apparently we made the right choice.  The 20 Amp IEC is designed for Power Amps with excessive consumption and Power Conditioners with multiple outlets.   We now offer this in a Silver version as well.

Copper/Copper US Carbon Fiber
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The Cable that got us to where are now

Copper/Copper Power Cords

Copper/Copper AU/NZ C-7 Plastic Body
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Carbon Fiber Body C13-15 Amp

Copper/Copper Cable

Plastic Bodied C13-15 Amp

Copper/Copper Cable

Copper/Copper AU/NZ C-19 Plastic Body
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C-7 Cables

Available in Aluminum Body and Carbon Fiber Body upon request.  These cables are made with our 12 Gauge Copper wire, it is 5/8" in diameter.

Plastic Bodied C19-20 Amp

Copper/Copper Cable

Copper/Copper C-19 US Plastic Body
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20 Amp Hospital Grade  Receptacle with any purchase of 95.00 or more

While Supplies Last

All Things Cryo'd

Copper/Copper EU Schuko C-7 Plastic Body
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Copper/Copper Schuko Plastic Body
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Copper/Copper Schuko C-19 Plastic Body
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Copper/Copper Cable AU/NZ Cable C-13 15 Amp and C-19 20 Amp


This Cable is identical to our Copper/Copper with the exception of the AU/NZ Male plug.  I've been amazed at how many of these we've sold throughout the AU/NZ market.  We are now offering this cable in a C-19 20 Amp Version. There are more Plug Body options on the AU/NZ page.

Copper/Copper US C-7 Plastic Body
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Our Copper/Copper cable product line remains our most popular by far.  It has proven itself over the years with it's Rich, Full, Warm Sound, Exceptional Bass and Large Sound Stage.  All of the Cables on the page are built with our proven 10 Gauge Copper Wire with our Pure Copper Plugs, along with being run through our Cryo Treatment process.  These cables continue to out perform cables costing 3-10 times as much.  We have added a few new items and continue to look for more.

All items on our website have been run through our Cryo Treatment Process

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Aluminum Body C13-15 Amp

Copper/Copper Cable

Copper/Copper US Plastic Body
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Copper/Copper US Aluminum Body
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The Aluminum Body offers better isolation with all of the same characteristics of our Plastic Bodied cable. 

This is my own personal favorite cable.  It is constructed from our proven 10 gauge Cryo Treated Copper Cable with our premium  Copper plug set.  It does an exceptional job with Tube Gear, but works well in any application.  It has a rich, full, warm sound with phenomenal bass.  This cable has sold Globally with a 100% success rate. It has changed the opinion of many Silver enthusiasts.  You can't go wrong with this cable.  It is 3/4" in diameter, very flexible and takes about 6" to make a 90 degree bend.


We are now offering a Copper Schuko version of our Copper/Copper Cable.  We noticed that there were very few people offering this configuration, so we thought we'd be one of the first. Same wire and construction as our other Copper/Copper Cables and it is available in a C13-15 Amp or a C19-20 configuration.  There are more Plug Body options available on the EU Schuko page.

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