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Ice Age Audio, LLC

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Enhancing Your Listening and Visual Experience

Established in 2012

Who we are and what we're about.

First and foremost, we want to prove to the public that you don't need to spend a lot of money to show great improvement in performance of your Audio or Video equipment.  This is an industry full of blown out of proportion retails along with out of this world descriptions when in fact it all boils down to only wire and metals.  There's only Stranded or Solid Core wire, along with Copper, Silver or Rhodium Plugs with a few other exotics.  Gold and Brass Plated are "Plain Jane" when  it comes to improved performance.  In my research and talking with many different wire manufacturers I have asked the question over and over...Is there any "New Technology" when it comes to wire, and the answer with every manufacturer has been the same, a resounding NO!!!  So at this point we're only left with different configurations or designs in the wire itself, and does that equate to an actual audible difference?  So as an end result, what I'm trying to say is...DON"T BE FOOLED OR TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.  We have proven over the years that our 100.00 cable (In most cases) will out perform cables costing 3-10 times as much.  We don't build a 1000.00 cable, but our cables will compete with most cables costing up to 1000.00.  It's a proven fact that you can't make 100% of the people happy, so we are more than satiisfied with our 99% success rate.

We are very fortunate to work with a fantastic Cryogenic Treatment Facility right here on a local level.  They are very well known for their process within the industry and we are the only company that they work with when it comes to electronics, so that gives us a little bit of an edge.  Cryogenics is like religion, "As I like to Say"everyone has their own methods, beliefs and opinions.  We have used assorted Cryo Treatment facilities over the years until we found our current Supplier/Partner.  We have done side by side test with items treated by other facilities and our current supplier showed the greatest improvement from the treatment.

We are  a Father and Son operation using what we feel are quality materials and a unique concept, we don't stock cables, we stock parts.  This gives us the ability to offer an extensive variety of options, all on a "Custom Built" level.  All of our cables are built at the time of the order, not something we pull of of the shelf, with the exception of the few preassembled thermoformed cables we offer.  What this does is offers you the Customer an endless amount of options.  You can choose any Wire, any Plug style, any Length with any Color combination and we can build it, with rare exception.  All of these services are offered with FREE SHIPPING with the exception of International orders.  So please consider us for all of your cable needs, we are open to all forms of communication.  You can call, text or email, it's your choice, we are here to help.

Thank you for your time-Rick and Brodie Parker

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